High Priced Bull

Old man Frank goes and gets a loan from the bank to buy a high priced bull. A few days later, the banker comes along and asks, “How’s our bull doing?”

Frank says, “Our bull ain’t doing too good. I got him out there in the pasture with a bunch of young cows and he don’t want nothing to do with them.”

The banker says, “You better call the veterinarian.” Frank agrees.

A couple of days later, the banker comes along again and says, “How’s our bull doing now?”

Frank says, “Plenty darn good. He has done serviced all of my cows, jumped the fence, and is working on the neighbors’ cows.”

The banker says, “Wow! What did the Vet give him?”

Frank says, “He gave him some pills.”

The banker says, “What kind of pills?”

Frank says, “I don’t know, but they tasted sort of like peppermint.”

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