Classic Chinese Translations

Images from, captions by Interesting Email Forwards

Please be courteous and tidy in your death, so others can enjoy their meal.

Basketball with Bilbo Baggins.

Good advice. People can be dangerous.

No, press it to have fun.

Damn these fireworks reek!

Call in the next ten minutes and we will throw in a free nights stay at the hospital.

Being cheated out of breath is not a pleasant experience.

Oh, glad I saw the sign.

Juicy and plump.

Hello products, I'm Nick.

If you ride your bike, we will KILL you.

Farewell for leaving?

I hate that place. Everyone is so violent.

Yes, keep it in your pants.


Who is Sully?

No more of that reckless slipping.

I love funky chicken.

I recommend a red wine with your Grizzly.

I treasure anything that's free.


About time. I can never find shoes in my size.

Children made in other countries are approved to use product.

Not an easy meal to swallow.

Hello? Police? It appears I have been stolen...

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