Great Redneck Inventions

The El Camino swimming pool. Hot and sweaty? No pool to cool off in? No problem. With some plastic liner, and an El Camino, you can relax in style, just like them Hollywood folk.

The motorcycle jet ski. Three inner tubes, an old motorcycle, a little duct tape, and you have yourself a fancy jet ski.

Do you want the elegance and protection of aluminum siding, without all the cost? Well try license plates. License plates can be picked up in any Walmart parking lot, with zero out of pocket cost.

Home made beer goggles. Now you can make your wife pretty, without the countless hours of drinking. Of course, you are going to drink anyway, but now you can look stylish doing it.

Some old suburbans, and old pick up, a blowtorch or hack saw, and you too can take your date to the hootenanny in style.

Do you lay awake at night frustrated that your guests are ringing the doorbell in far too much comfort? Do you wish their was someway you could make their doorbell ringing experience uncomfortable? Well have them push a deer's balloon knot, that should do the trick!

Car alarm? Door lock? The Club? Who needs em. A couple of holes, and a bike chain work just fine, thank you very much.

Is your BBQ a little bland? Does it need some extra flavor? What about a dash of fecal matter and uric acid? Mmmm, delicious.

Your old underwear worn out? Well, there is no need to throw it away, just turn it into a designer tank top.

Old? Immobile? Incontinent? No problem.

Paranoid? Have access to an old school bus? Then bury it! It makes a great bomb shelter. It also provides great cover for your meth lab or moonshine still.

Metal can be expensive. Wood is cheap, you can get it from your neighbors yard. Motorcycles built from wood just make sense.

You seen this fellers bass fishin' boat? Top-o the line.

Adding a sidecar to your motorcycle not only makes it easier to tow your girl around, but now you have someone to hold your beer!

These two know how to have a good time in their home made hot tub. But don't stay in too long, or you will cook. Seriously, we are talking redneck stew.

Do you want that flat screen look, without the flat screen price tag? Well then, punch a hole in your wall. Problem solved.


  1. freaking awesome!

  2. You stupid fu... #2 is notmotorcycle jet ski. fishermen ride this if the ice is thin, if the ice breaks off then it does not sink just floating and moving on. Google "Karakatitsa" there is more.

  3. Ceep going upload the pictures. They are very nice:)